Your Donation Was A Success


Thank you so much for your donation!!

Our animals are most grateful, your assistance will allow us to continue our good work with spay & neuter, rescue and rehabilitation of animals in the Bahamas.

8 thoughts on “Your Donation Was A Success

  1. Please note that my donation was given for Cody and Conner’s 5th Annual Lemonade Sale! I am in Florida so I cannot make it to donate in person, but wanted them to have some extra support!

  2. OOps sent this note to Berryislandgirl:
    I just donated $10 for raffle tickets. Wish it could be more but it is in ‘the hope’ that whoever stole our little girl last Saturday will return her…She was a rescue too.

    If I do win anything, please donate whatever it is to someone on Long Island that can use it…We used to have a little place there and I miss it so much…

    Thank you and God bless you all for the work you do

  3. My recent donation for $25.00 is in memory of Ben Myers, son of Debra Trewin Sands. Thank you Janice

  4. My donation was because of Amanda Meyers’ post on Facebook regarding all the new puppies you are trying to save! Thanks for all you do!!

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