Animal Fun Day

The Animal Fun Day was a great sucess. Many thanks to everyone who helped we could not have done it without you. It was wonderful to see so many people out having fun with their dogs. Our thanks again to Pedigree for sponsoring this fun filled day.

Animal Fun Day Video:

Images taken by Noel Tock (Web Design and Photography)

One thought on “Animal Fun Day

  1. Dear Humane Care-givers,
    I am a teacher at Lyford Cay International School and my 3 year old students are exploring a unit on pets. I just watched your family fun day video and the dogs are super! In class we have been talking about the Bahamas’ unique pot-cake dogs and this video will help to reinforce the students’ knowledge of pot-cakes and other dogs. I am thankful for your site and the cool video and animal photos. Kym & Nursery class 2010

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