Public survey: Do you think the Surreyhorse business is good for the Bahamas in it’s present state?

8 thoughts on “Public survey: Do you think the Surreyhorse business is good for the Bahamas in it’s present state?

  1. No. It needs to be massively overhauled. Education and accountabiliy for owners and drivers. Not to mention the horrible conditions they are forced to live in .

  2. No, the horses are often lame, and the owners/ drivers do not care or notice their needs. They should be required to up keep records of how many rides a horse can take in one day, be able to rest etc. Drivers seem to ride around like the taxis and jitneys letting people on and off where ever they are?

  3. It needs to be stopped. The Ministry of Tourism and the Bahamas humane Society has tried since the 50’s or 60’s to make it better – they have tried to teach the owners how to take care of them – everything must come to an end, and the time for surrey horses to leave the streets has arrived!

  4. No — let’s get rid of it asap! I think all involved have proved over the decades that they are not willing or able to run a humane operation. And, there is way too much traffic on Bay Street for the horses to deal with nowadays! What can we do to stop it?

  5. No way! It is appalling the condition these poor animals are kept in …. I don’t know how these tourists can even get in the carriages looking at how scrawny most of the poor horses are that are pulling them are. Hurts my heart every time I pass one of them on the road.

  6. I don’t know a lot about horses, but anyone with half a brain can see that these horses are not the healthiest or the happiest…obviously the tourists that choose to take the ride are missing their whole brain….I cringe every time I have to drive past them

  7. No, it makes us look bad and it can’t be good for the horses. They need to be off of Bay Street/downtown that’s for sure! Would be nice if surrey rides could be offered somewhere on New Providence that featured a village type setting of how it used to be. Would have craftsmen/women, stores, flora, fauna and even some houses. Would create more jobs. Less stress for the horses too.

  8. ABSOLUTELY NOT! From the 1970’s I’ve personally witnesses surrey horses SUFFER. They are forced to pull carts loaded with tourists in 90 plus degree weather – in bumper to bumper traffic with MINIMAL NOURISHMENT OR WATER. I’ve seen their water troughs used as GARBAGE CONTAINERS – bone dry with no water for the horses. Their “owners” force them to pull carts over the hill, exhausted at the end of their day – only to be left in FIELDS OF WEEDS and in the elements! The weeds are their meal! THESE HORSES ARE BROKEN AND ABUSED DAILY. They die and are replaced, over and over again. There is no humanity in this business – it’s sickening to witness their suffering!

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