Humane Society to the Rescue

Insp. Thurston delivering hay to Surrey horse stables

As a result of a Stable inspection the Humane Society saw the need to

assist these horses that were in badly need of  hay.

2 thoughts on “Humane Society to the Rescue

  1. I was in the Nassau the other day on a cruise and was disturbed by the condition of some of the carriage horses. They looked very thin and not well feed at all. In fact, someone told me that on the horse that pulled their carriage actually had open sores on his leg. I do hope that you have the man power etc to see that these animals are working under decent conditions.

    Thank you

  2. Thanks for reporting this, we have a monthly surreyhorse inspection the 1st Thursday of every month, we are having issues with some of the owners and the way they are taking care of their horses. There was a meeting with all the owners at the inspection yesterday and many concerns were address, from training to stable management, this all came about because of the decline in the care the horses are receiving. Therefore we will be doing daily spot checks, with the Tourism Police, Road Traffic Officers and Tourism Oficers to ensure that these horses are treated humanely.

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