The Hackney Cab Board in Action

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In the photo Farrier, Michael Savage, Marilyn Johnson M.O.T and Insp. Thurston B.H.S.

The Hackney Cab Board is a group appointed by the Cabinet to oversea the Surreyhorse industry. The horses and carriages are inspected the first Thursday in every month, because of complaints about these horse drawn carriages, the Hackney Cab board decided to do a full assessment  of this industry. The Bahamas Humane Society along with The Cab board’s veterinarian was requested to do an assessment of the horses and stables. The Ministry of Tourism a business plan, training and funds to assist with upcoming project. Road Traffic department law inforcement and training, The Police Force, Law inforcement. The Hackney Cab board has come up with a three months plan of action to get this industry up to standard, the first is deal with the animals, stables and then Operators. The first stage of the plan got started on the 19th July, we brought in a Farrier to train local farriersImported Photos 00274 how to properly take care and shoe the horses feet.

5 thoughts on “The Hackney Cab Board in Action

  1. This is so good to see! Im glad something is finally being done about the treatment of those horses. Good job guys!

  2. Something has to be done. It’s heartbreaking to watch and will be the main reason I don’t return until I hear a major change has been made. One underweight horse we saw near the marketplace had such an ill-fitting bridle and his tongue was infected. Broke my heart.

  3. Hi Kimberly

    The BHS is trying hard to get Government to introduce a central stable system where we know the
    horses would be properly looked after with the right staffing. Because right now most stable are no
    place for horses to go after a hard days work.

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