How to take care of Your Puppy/Dog

By Dr. Solomon Kwakye, Sr. Veterinarian, BHS

Common Questions:
When to De-worm my Puppy?  
At 10 days old also at 6,8,10 &12 weeks old

When to get shots for my pup?
At 6, 8, 10, 12 weeks old. Then repeat once a year.

When to get shots for my adult dog?
Right now if you don’t know the vaccination history, then repeat once a year.

When to SPAY/NEUTER?  
2 months or older.

When to start HEARTGUARD?  
At 3 months, then once a month.

When to get Rabies shot?
At 4 months, then once a year.

SHOTS OR VACCINES help protect your puppies and dogs against Distemper Virus, Parvo Virus, Hepatitis, Rabies, Parainfluenza, Leptospirosis

DISTEMPER VIRUS is responsible for thousands of sick and dead puppies and dogs in the Bahamas. You can avoid it by taking your dog to the Vet for vaccinations.

COMMON SIGNS your pet is telling you to take it to see the vet:

  • Not eating and drinking Vomiting
  • Diarrhea Coughing
  • Lethargy (Tiredness) Runny nose and eyes
  • Seizures, twitching, uncoordinated movements, staggering.


  • Monthly Heartguard – Prevents Heartworms which is transmitted by mosquitoes.
  • Preventive Collar for Ticks and Capstar for fleas. The use of flea and tick shampoo is also recommended. Ticks cause many blood infections (Slow killer) and Fleas cause skin disorders and tapeworms.
  • Get your pet a name tag, microchip and dog license.
  • If you protect your dog, your dog will protect you, adopt a pet don’t buy a pet.


  • Tetmosol Soap: for mange and skin problems.
  • Cider Vinegar: diluted in water, bathe animal to help against  skin problems. Let dry.
  • Baking soda: hot spots and itchy patches. Make a paste and apply to affected areas, or add entire packet to bucket of warm water and bathe animal. Leave to dry.
  • Coconut Oil: for fungal infections, yeast, and viruses including atopic dermatitis., apply directly to the affected areas. It can be added to their  diet
  • Cerasee tea (made from leaves) boosts immune system in sick dogs.
  • Aloe: peeled and chopped up and added to animals drinking water will also boost immune system
  • Moringa “Tree of Life” tea made from the leaves gives an energy and vitamin boost


  • Diesel oil or kerosene oil or any other chemical or insecticide on animals. It burns the skin and is absorbed through the skin, severely damaging organs such as liver and kidney ultimately killing the animal.
  • Do Not Feed chocolate or raisins to dogs; they are poisonous to them.


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