How to Adopt

Well done for thinking of adopting an animal instead of buying from a breeder. You’ll fall in love with your new furry friend before it’s even home!

Finding the right dog or cat can be fun and we’re here to help you through it. Follow the steps below to find out the process:

Step 1: Choose your animal. Have a look at the Adoptions Gallery on this site or our Facebook page, or even better, come in and see them for yourself.
You can find our adoption hours at the shelter here.

Step 2: Fill in an adoption form. If you have not visited the BHS yet then fill out an adoption form and either take it or post it to the BHS.


Step 3: Arrange a home visit. One of our adoption team will arrange for an inspector to come to your house to inspect the yard. We need to make sure that you have a suitable space for your new companion.

Step 4: Pick up your new furry friend. Once approved you’ll be able to come in to collect your dog or cat.

Adoption Fees:
Included in your adoption fee is spaying or neutering and one free health check at the BHS.
$40 for adult dogs and puppies
$25 for adult cats
$35 for kittens