How to Adopt

Well done for thinking of adopting an animal instead of buying from a breeder. You’ll fall in love with your new furry friend before it’s even home!

Finding the right dog or cat can be fun and we’re here to help you through it. Follow the steps below to find out the process:

Step 1: Choose your animal. Have a look at the Adoptions Gallery on this site or our Facebook page, or even better, come in and see them for yourself.
You can find our adoption hours at the shelter here.

Step 2: Fill in an adoption form. If you have not visited the BHS yet then fill out an adoption form and either take it or post it to the BHS.


Step 3: Arrange a home visit. One of our adoption team will arrange for an inspector to come to your house to inspect the yard. We need to make sure that you have a suitable space for your new companion.

Step 4: Pick up your new furry friend. Once approved you’ll be able to come in to collect your dog or cat.

Adoption Fees:
Included in your adoption fee is spaying or neutering and one free health check at the BHS.
$40 for adult dogs and puppies
$25 for adult cats
$35 for kittens

11 thoughts on “How to Adopt

  1. HI! I live in the US and would love to adopt a potcake puppy but not sure how to go about it from here. I know there are a few USA rescues that occasionally go down there and rescue some of them from you – would you b e able to let me know who I can contact to get more info on this?
    Thank you so much!

  2. Hi, Maria,
    Unfortunately, due to changes in US import regulations, pups under 6 months old are unable to travel to the US unless accompanied by their actual owners. In Nassau, contact Fiona at 1-242-323-5138. For Freeport, Tip Burrows at 1-242-352-2477.

  3. Hi i live in a 2 bedroom rather spacious apartment would it be possible to adopt a puppy

  4. Hi, Carlton,
    The best thing to do would be to speak with our adoptions coordinator, Fiona, at 323-5138.

  5. We live in British Columbia Canada and would like to adopt a potcake. Are we able to do so and what additional costs/fees are involved? Thank you kindly

  6. We live in Ontario Canada and are interested in adopting a potcake and are interested in learning more about the process.

  7. Hi, Kate, Our adoptions coordinator Fiona is the best one to speak with if you are able to call her. 242-323-5138
    It’s best if someone flies with the dog. Airlines require advance booking as they have a limit on the numbers per flight.
    You will need a health certificate (from us) and an export permit (from the Ministry of Agriculture).
    In-cabin is limited to 20 pounds with the carrier; cargo has limits on the dates due to the summer heat here.

  8. Our pups are usually a bit older before they’re adopted as they are spayed/neutered first.
    If you would be interested in fostering (looking after temporarily) some smaller pups, please give Fiona a call at 323-5138.

  9. Good day,
    I am looking to adopt a small breed furry friend to add to a growing family. We live in Treasure Cay Abaco and have asked around. Everyone said that you all would be the best bet to help in finding our next of kin…lol. Please get back to me as soon as you possibly can. Thank you in advance.

  10. Hi, D.Knowles, If you could give our adoptions department a call at 323-5138, they can assist!

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