Many Cats need to be adopted!

There are many cats which are in need of a home, please call us to find out more!

2 thoughts on “Many Cats need to be adopted!

  1. Good evening,

    I had a cat that I adopted from there for 17.5 years.
    She was named chloe, you will see her in your files.

    To my heartbreak she was put to rest at your facility two years ago. Missing her still, she was absolutely the best!!

    I want to adopt, i am very busy, live in a condo, looking for a cat that loves attention, doesn’t mind resting in the day until i get home.

    male or female,
    a male that does not spray
    i would even adopt siblings if they were not too young

    Very young kittens, though wonderful,I fear will need me to be home more, I work alot but call my own hours.

    After having Chloe for 17.5 years adopted from you and then brought back at the end of her longlife, I suppose that is an automatic approval, 🙂
    Please have someonce call or send photos when you can
    Rhonda l Waton
    Governor’s Harbour Eleuthera

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